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Testing out the the DJI Mavic Air...

As someone who deals heavy on the audio side of things, I have found myself having to pay just as much attention to the visual side over the past few years as well. Largely due to the fact that we have way more access to different types of video equipment than ever before. I find this to be both a gift and a curse! We have the ability to add more to our professional portfolios. However, we also have spend to more hours, learning another tool, whether we would like to or not. Fortunately for me, I got into the "Drone" game when it just started getting popular. I was able to get through the pain of trying to learn how to fly a drone, with a much cheaper model. Fast forward to today, what was supposed to be just hobby for me in the past, is now another mandatory tool that I have to added to my arsenal of multi-media toys...

Today, I went out tested my new DJI Mavic Air drone. After watching and comparing many models both online, and on youtube, I chose to go with this popular brand and model. So far I'm pleased that I took the plunge and spent the extra dollars for this one. Below are some of my test shots that I was able to do, now that the sun is finally out. (Here in the lovely NorthWest!)

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