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Cession's Favorite Mixed Albums...

Whenever I begin to select tracks for an upcoming mix, I'll always want to make sure that the selected songs create a particular mood or sequence. Regardless of the genre that I choose to delve into, I never want to get into the habit, of mixing songs to just mix songs. This is especially true, when it comes to me recording and releasing my mixes. Below are some of the classic mixed albums that I still reference today when recording mixes:::

1. Ministry of Sound Late Night Sessions III Disc 2 Farley & Heller

2. Creamfields Disc 1 Paul Oakenfold

3. Global Underground 014 Hong Kong Disc 1 John Digweed

4. Nude Tempo One Miguel Migs

5. Involver Sasha

4. Nude Tempo One Miguel Migs

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