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About Cession...

Cession Daventport
aka::: djcession
DJ | Videographer | Photographer
Washington | California

San Diego
Born in San Diego, CA, Cession had the privilege of being submerged and influenced in various music scenes throughout the Southern California region. With this abundance of musical influence, Cession found himself wanting to get more personally involved in the  the art of djing and music production.

With help from his mentors and musical sidekicks, DJ Syko and artist Deuce Maxwell, Cession began his djing career spinning Hiphop & R&B in 1994. With just two years of djing under his belt, Cession would have to leave San Diego in early 1996, and would go on a nearly 10 year hiatus from touching the turntables.

After finally settling up in the NorthWest in late 1996, and still having his passion for creating music, Cession continued to practice his craft by working with various local artist of different musical backgrounds to help further his creativity.

Stepping back behind the turntables once again in late 2005, Cession was introduced, and jumped into a different genre of music known as Deephouse (courtesy of Haz Warhol). With A smoother R&B like version of traditional House Music, Cession was able to make an easy transition from his Hiphop roots, into this new area of sound.

In late 2007 Cession started taking his djing up another level, and thus began working the local club and bar scene as a Top40 DJ. He also began coordinating music for private and professional events which eventually led to him launching his own entertainment brand.

In 2010, Cession launched his own brand, "Cession Nation," a company which deals primarily in media, entertainment consulting.

While working behind the scenes to build his Cession Nation brand, Cession was introduced to upcoming Seattle Emcee, Eighty4 Fly. Once he took a listen to Eighty4 Fly's Ep, The Eighty4 Fly Project, Cession knew that this was an artist that he would definitely like to work with. Since then, he has been apart of the Fly World Organization and Taylor Management Group.


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